"I like how you sing that song. You sound like you're really old."
-John McEuen, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

"New bands seeking to make a lasting impression on a nationwide audience are often inclined to lay it all on the line from the get-go. Unleash the full throttle of your instrumental gifts through intense solos and voice-stretching vocal performances, and perhaps folks will have no option but to listen. There's more grace and artfulness, though, in excersing restraint, as The Stray Birds do beautifully on their self-titled debut. Clearly these are players with chops, songwriters with a fierce command of their craft. But they also seem to have a grip on when to lend a hand, and when to let the songs fly on their own. This record was certainly one of the finest debuts of the year from a band to watch."
-Kim Ruehl & Linda Fahey, NPR Music

"Five Stars."
-John Starling, Founding Member of The Seldom Scene

“The reaction here has been stunning to be quite honest with you. There are few records that the entire staff all agree on. We have staff that have been here for a long time and like more traditional sounds, and we have younger folks who like Fleet Foxes etc….but this is truly one album we all sort of looked at each other and said 'wow'.”
— Jason Moberg, Music Director, WUMB Boston

"When I'm hearing their music it's like holding a precious book of wisdom. I've gone back to experience their recorded songs time and after time, and the magic is even more powerful on stage. The words are full of good poetry, and the rich American melody makes the lyrics soar through time."
-Sarah Craig, Director, Caffe Lena

“The Stray Birds bring a unique maturity to their record, with a real reverence for traditional folk, and a refreshing sense of intimacy to their original songs.”
-Helen Leicht, WXPN Philadelphia

“Super-talented acoustic trio whose virtuosity doesn’t get in the way of their soul. Rich vocal harmonies, tight acoustic arrangements, heart-wrenching songs.”
-Jessica Smucker, Fly Magazine, Lancaster, PA

"They're really my favorite find for the year. I absolutely LOVE their sound. Their CD is in my car stereo all the time!"
-Cheryl Prashker, President of Northeast Regional Folk Alliance

"Before the show they were seen hanging with friends and sharing beers."
-Adam Quinn, Tri State Indie

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